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I am truly thankful to my all esteemed personalities for their lovely testimonials. Most of them have contacted me through my website, and almost anyone who has ever trekked with me became a return customer. Below I have included the testimonials that I have received from my satisfied clients starting from the most recent.

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
2016 Clare Hozack clare@into-you.com.au +61427674425 Australia

I had the best guiding experience of my life with Binod and the Hike Nepal Team.

I organised an overseas adventure with my gym every year, where I run the training and then outsource the trip. Last year we contracted Hike Nepal to run our trek.

10 days before we were due to leave, the earthquake hit Nepal, and we decided not to go. We had already paid for a good portion of our trip, and Binod kindly allowed us to reschedule. We did not ask for a refund as it would have been impossible for him to arrange it in the chaos following the earthquake, and he was still quite prepared to take us as the area of Nepal that we were going to trek was not seriously affected (if we could get there!).

11 months later, and we finally made it to Nepal. Our original agreement with Binod was for over 10 people; we ended up with only 9 but he did not change the agreement.

Binod met us personally at the airport, and took care of meals, entertainment, accommodation, and much more thereafter. He personally held the hand of one of my clients that was 6wks post knee surgery down every set of stairs (there were a lot). He gave our 69 year old client pep talks when she freaked out and cried (she was scared that she couldn’t do it). He loyally trudged at a snail pace beside another client that hurt his back. He provided friendly assistant-guides for the rest of us, who then could walk at our own pace without a worry for the others, because we knew they were being looked after. He overheard a conversation about someone getting wet, and promptly purchased a poncho for them. He saw myself and another girl leaping into a river one day, so changed our itinerary so that we could leap in another rive on the next day.

To top it off, he presented us with certificates and trophies – each one individualized with our national flag and name – to commemorate our achievement.

My group is elated with their accomplishments, and it is all thanks to Binod and his crew. They went above and beyond any of my expectations, and I do not hesitate to recommend them to you.

Clare Hozack

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
2011, 2012, 2015 Hayati Jamil yatiabdjamil@gmail.com +60122417100 Malaysia

Binod Mahat blew away my expectation! There was not a moment that I was not comfortable. In fact because we were in communication via email months before my very first hike in Nepal which was in 2011, I felt like we were good friends even before I landed in Kathmandu. Binod is professional, organized and good natured. His whole crew Ie the porters were all friendly, helpful and charming. that’s why I went back again to hike Everest Base Camp in 2012 with the same group of friends whom we hiked Poonhill in 2011. I was back there in 2015 hiking Annapurna Base Camp and spent an extra 5 days just chilling in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Binod was always attentive to our needs including my moodiness and grumpy moments. He was fast and quick to arrange for helicopter evacuation when one of our hiking buddies fell ill in Thukla with AMS. Binod was back hiking with the remaining of us within 24 hours in Lobuche. I'm looking forward to my next hike in Upper Mustang with Binod and his wonderful crew soon . you're the best!

Hayati Jamil

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
August 2015 Christel and Anselm Schroeter anselmschroeter@web.de +00496346302640 Germany

Four weeks of adventurous travel lie behind us. We asked Binod to plan everything for us. In the end we are very grateful for his efforts. He was very keen to work out every single wish we had. He chose carefully the places where we wanted to stay and looked after our well-being.

After a couple of days in and around Kathmandu we drove down to Pokhara, tried to get a flight to Jomsom. The monsoon didn´t allow it for 2 days. So we decided to take a Jeep, a stunning adventure trip up the earthquake- and monsoon – stricken valley of Kali Gandaki. Binod managed every problem with great insight!

From Jomsom we entered the Upper Mustang area and had a marvelous time walking up to Lo Manthang. It was my second time to trek through the forbidden kingdom with Binod. So after 12 years we had quite deep memories to refresh and encounters with people from past times. It was a great experience! Whenever we asked to change plans or to choose alternative routes, Binod put everything into gear.

After two weeks of breath taking adventures we arrived back in Pokhara.Binod took us to his home village where we spent two very intense days with his family. The earthquake had done quite some damage to his father´s home and the village alike. So it was not all easy to see this misery. But the hospitality in Binod´s family touched our hearts!

Exciting trips to Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Buddha, and Chitwan National Park followed. In Chitwan we got our desired Birding guide and had great successes in our search, more than 80 species in two days! The exciting part was the trip through the Terai region which was ruled by general strikes, bandas. Binod managed to get us through critical situations. Other tourists were stranded there for many days, because strike means no traffic, no open shops. But we were lucky to have aprivate car with a green number plate – tourist cars like ours were waved through the blockades and sitting villagers.

Binod was and is simply the best! If a tourist desires an experienced guide, a privately guided trip to a special place with car or on foot, in lodges or in tents – this will always be our choice!

Christel and Anselm Schroeter

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
April 2015 Bill Sargent bill.sargent19@gmail.com +61409652064 Australia

A friend in Canberra heard that I was planning to trek Nepal's Annapurna Circuit with family and friends, and recommended Binod. I sent an e-mail to the contact addresses on the hikenepal.com website, and was surprised to receive a phone call from Binod himself a few days later. He immediately impressed me with his pleasant manner and excellent English language skills.

A flurry of e-mails ensued as I negotiated the itinerary and number of porters, and asked a lot of "dumb" questions. Throughout this process Binod responded personally and promptly (subject to WiFi availability on the trek he was guiding!) and in detail. Binod was very flexible, using and improving on our draft itinerary, and taking into account the desire of younger group members to minimise personal costs by carrying their own gear. It was an easy group decision to proceed with Binod, and proved to be an excellent one.

Binod's flexibility was demonstrated once again as our arrival in Kathmandu was delayed by a four-day airport closure, and our Annapurna Circuit trek became an Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek. Then during the trek one of our number sustained a minor knee injury and we needed to split the group into two parties with different itineraries. Binod handled this effortlessly, assigning porters between the parties and continuing to organise all accommodation, food and so on for both parties.

During the trek, I couldn't help feeling smug about our choice of guide and the quality of our porters, who were strong, cheerful and happy to indulge my son's desire to learn and practice some Nepali phrases. We certainly received the highest level of service of any groups I saw during the trek, and our fresh fruit servings were the envy of other trekkers.

Binod himself showed wonderful empathy throughout our experience. I was particularly delighted on first meeting Binod in Kathmandu. One of my "dumb" e-mail questions was regarding availability of traditional Nepalese Bansuri flutes in Kathmandu, because one of our group is a keen flautist who wanted to buy one. At the conclusion of our meeting, Binod produced a Bansuri flute and gave it to our flautist. This was entirely unexpected, generous and thoughtful. We were delighted again on the trek when Binod demonstrated his prowess with the flute, rusty though he claimed to be!

Two of our party planned to stay on in Nepal and do the Everest Base Camp trek. On request, Binod was able to help them plan the additional trek and provide a competitive Hike Nepal quote. Our two trekkers didn't hesitate, and are currently hiking towards Everest under the guidance of Binod's associate Tendi Sherpa.

I have no hesitation in recommending Hike Nepal and Binod Mahat to anyone planning a trek in Nepal.

Bill Sargent

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
April 2015 Andrew Pahlman andrew@anmari.com +61-422-988350 Australia

I would highly recommend Binod Mahat and HikeNepal to anyone planning a trek in Nepal. Binod did a fantastic job arranging and leading our group of 8 on a 2 week trek to the Annapurna Base Camp and Poon Hill. We had originally planned a longer trek around the Annapurna Circuit, however, our plans had to change at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Binod handled this brilliantly, bringing some well thought through suggestions to the table and helping us make what turned out to be an excellent choice. His team of porters were fabulous. In addition to being amazingly strong, and floating up the mountains with big loads, they were super friendly and encouraging and would greet us at the top of major sections with warm smiles. Binod brought a wealth of knowledge of local cultures and environment which added interest and richness to our experience. Notably it was the many little details that made the trip even more enjoyable: quality accommodation, ringing ahead with food orders, lovely presentation of fresh fruit with every lunch and dinner (to the envy of other trekkers), and the care and thoughtfulness in ensuring every member of the group was being looked after. Thank you Binod and team!

Andrew Pahlman

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Feb 2014 Francesca and Tony Coles   fcoles6@gmail.com
0431 195453 | 9489 2774 Australia

Our trekking dream began in February 2014, when my brother Ben and his family and friends went on a trek to Annapurna Base Camp. They're seasoned travelers, but on their return to Australia I could see that they were curiously ecstatic about their journey. I understood then that trekking in Nepal was an experience I wanted to share with my husband Tony and our two boys (10 and 13). Tony and I had travelled, mainly in Europe, in our younger years. I had even worked as an editor at Lonely Planet for some years, but we'd never travelled abroad as a family with children. The prospect of trekking together through the Himalayas was at once exciting and daunting - the mountains, and Nepal itself, seemed incredibly alluring but also unpredictable. Our trip started by a welcome from Binod at the Kathmandu airport with the traditional flower garlands. A few days later we had a scenic flight from Pokhara over the Kali Gandaki River between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri to Jomson, where we started our trekking-tour.

It was Ben's description of the strong connection that their group made with local guide Binod Mahat, who owns and operates his own small company Hike Nepal, that gave us the courage to book the trip. From the first email, Binod reassured us by replying warmly and in clear English. Our confidence built with his prompt replies to our many emailed queries. By now, another family from Australia, our friend Jan and her son (also 13), decided to join us for our planned 3 1/2 week trip to ABC, Pokhara, Chitwan and Kathmandu from December 2014 to early January 2015. Adding to our pre-trip frissons, was the awareness that our journey would be in mid-winter, with the possibility of snowfall towards Base Camp. To assist us with equipping ourselves, Binod emailed us a checklist of gear and medical supplies. In our different ways, we also prepared by conditioning ourselves physically for hiking at altitude over rugged terrain. All this preparation was made easier by Binod's clear and calm guidance via email and the information on his website.

It's been 2 weeks since we returned home, and thanks to Hike Nepal our trip was the wonderful experience we hoped it would be. With characteristic dependability, Binod was there, as promised, to meet our weary party on arrival at Tribhuvan airport in chaotic Kathmandu. Although we arrived in the midst of an unseasonable bout of rain, snow and delayed flights, our logistical mastermind ensured that we flew out to Pokhara to start the trek as planned the next morning. On arrival in Pokhara, the weather lifted and we soon met up with our porters (Chandra, Jitendra and Manoz) and our guide-porter Saroz. It was several days into the trek before we realized that Jitendra, Manoz and Saroz are all members of Binod's extended family, while delightful Chandra has known and worked with Binod for years. So, in the end it turned out to really be a family affair, and we enjoyed the company of our cheerful Nepalese companions. The 'boys', as we called the young porters, took a shine to our boys, teaching them card games. Saroz was particularly lovely with our kids, shepherding them as they ran far ahead of the slower adults, helping them join in a volleyball game with village kids in Chomrong, and teaming up in a basketball game in Ghorepani. A word of advice: you definitely want Saroz on your side!

Meanwhile, we enjoyed Binod's company as he is an excellent conversationalist and full of information about life in Nepal and the Annapurna region, where he grew up. When we had downtime, Binod took Tony and me on a walking tour of the fascinating village of Gandhruk, and also of Chomrong, stopping to involve us in conversations with local people. Binod is perceptive about people and was attuned to our needs - spoiling us with unstinting service. Having guided treks in the area for years, he knows most of the teahouses and personnel and where to find the best rooms. I had the impression that other trekkers could see we were being very well looked after indeed by our eloquent guide. Binod's organizational capacities are amazing too - somehow he managed to juggle his mobile phone on the trail to coordinate details, ordering ahead for lunch to ensure we would not be kept waiting at the next teahouse, or whistling up four tandem paragliding flights (for mothers and teenage sons) in Pokhara, after the trek, and during a busy festival. Oh, and then there was the minor miracle of scouring the village of Chomrong to produce a Christmas tree and chocolate cake for us on Christmas Eve! Not to mention presents as well.

We made it to Annapurna Base Camp, and the experience of standing in that cirque surrounded by colossal walls of rock, ice and snow as the sun rose was unforgettable. But the villages and layered landscapes we passed through on the way up and down were captivating too, providing glimpses into a way of life so different to our own, yet so wholesome and delightful in many respects, despite some tough realities. The Nepalese people have great warmth and positivity, and there were smiling faces and cries of 'namaste' all along the way. Our trek was certainly the highlight of our trip to Nepal and it was really sad to say goodbye to 'the boys' over lunch in Pokhara, and to Binod too eventually. However, the remainder of our trip ran smoothly and we saw a very different part of Nepal on the plains of Chitwan. We were certainly glad of Binod's hand-picked drivers in our private taxi-vans on the way down to Chitwan and back to Kathmandu as Nepalese highways are an indescribable tangle of traffic. On return to Kathmandu, the highlight was the day we spent visiting Bhaktapur, Pashupatinath and Boudinath with Shankar, the delightful guide arranged by Hike Nepal. Our Nepal trip ended with Jitendra accompanying us to the airport and placing khata (silk scarves) around our necks to speed us on our way - rituals had come full circle as Binod initially welcomed us by lowering marigold garlands over our heads.

Best wishes,
Francesca Coles

Francesca and Tony

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
March 2014 Susanne and Richard Duchmann  susanneduchmann@web.de 004963462040 Germany

When we started planning our trip to Nepal a friend of us recommended us Hike Nepal with Binod Mahat. We contacted Binod, told him our travel plans and after several itineraries (every e-mail was promptly answered)we decided to spend nearly three weeks in Nepal by doing a combination of the Nepal Classic Tour, a part of the Jomson/Muktinath Trekking and a village tour. Our trip started by a welcome from Binod at the Kathmandu airport with the traditional flower garlands. A few days later we had a scenic flight from Pokhara over the Kali Gandaki River between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri to Jomson, where we started our trekking-tour.

Binod always took care of us, chose rooms with the best views and offered us after lunch and dinner fresh fruits, which he prepared for us.

For the village tour we let him decide which one would be the best for us and he chose a very interesting one, which we really enjoyed. We started in Astam, a peaceful and quiet village (we were the only tourists there).The owner of our accommodation was a very friendly lady, who accompanied us in the morning to a wonderful sunrise. From the Australian Camp ,our next overnight stay, we had wonderful views to the Annapurna range and we could see the sunrise directly from our room. In the evening the owner of our accommodation let us have a look into his kitchen and we could prepare together our lunch - a nice experience!

Trekking with Binod was a really joy for us, he knows a lot about culture, traditions and the actual political situation from his country. We had many interesting conversations, but there was also enough time for privacy. Binod has a good knowledge of human nature and knows what you need. Even the time when other guides, which he supervised, accompanied us, he made sure that we feel comfortable by calling us. So everything was professional and also flexible well-organized, according to our plans.

We can really recommend Hike Nepal with Binod Mahat, who loved it showing us his country and was not only doing a job. Nepal was a great and unforgettable experience for us , many thanks to Binod.

Finally we can say that we came as foreigners and left as friends.

Susanne and Richard

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Feb 2014 Alex Dashwood   icuris247@googlemail.com +61 0413696675 Australia

When I started thinking about trekking I was bombarded by sites advertising their expertise for organizing trekking. I read a lot of testimonials and emailed other trekkers and chose Hike Nepal. I would like to thank Binod for organizing a unforgettable holiday and Auter and Gitendra for guiding me through the challenges of the Annapurna base camp trek.

I did the trek by myself over nine days with a guide and porter. I very fit and a doctor but did leave my organization slightly late due to exams and work commitments and need to condense the trek to fit my holidays and therefore did a private one. I had a truly amazing experience but was lucky with the weather as I managed to get blue skies every day in the morning especially for the major viewing points at Poon Hill, MBC and ABC. Binod was very organized sending me information and replying to my questions promptly and with good honest answers. The price was midpoint but from talking to the guides he paid them well and they were very loyal to him and was therefore happy to pay this especially with his prompt personalized replies. He also allowed me to personalize the trip to cut a few costs here and there and helped when I wanted to add things in such as extra sight seeing or paragliding. The accommodation was simple but fine for me and what I expected in Kathmandu. The guesthouses dotted along the trek each had their own charm and personality and were all very friendly. Auter was very experienced so could organize accommodation and he had his favorite guesthouses which always came up trumps. (don’t forget a pack of cards but you can buy them on the way)

I would definitely recommend Hike Nepal and will try to do this trip again in a years time but with my parents.

Alexander Dashwood

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Bella and Andrew
isabellakaleta2004@yahoo.co.uk -- UK

My husband and I hiked for 2 weeks in the Himalayas (reaching MBC, ABC and Poon Hill). We hired Binod and a porter for the trip. We were immensely happy with our choice of guide. Binod is thoughtful, experienced and understands western travellers. He was respectful, kind, knowledgeable and accommodating. Both Binod and Chandra, our porter, were some of the nicest people we have met.

During our trek we met a number of other travellers who complained about their guide being inflexible, trying to save every penny where possible. The travellers felt that every day was a struggle. We are pleased to say that every day with Binod and Chandra was an absolute pleasure.

Some highlights include:

-pre-trek communication was second to none
-advice on what equipment/clothes to bring before the trip
-logistics for each leg of the trip/airport transfers/taxis were arranged and running smoothly
-standard of English was excellent
-flexibility when we wanted to go faster/slower or different route
-Binod is very experienced and has very good
relationships with the right people on the trek which meant we were often served first, had choice of better rooms etc.
-Binod has an excellent balance of understanding western trekkers needs whilst being careful not to upset the local environment and customs
-we had lots of interesting conversations but also were given time by ourselves
-fresh fruit washed in boiling water was served to us every day (something that is impossible to get on the trail)
-Chandra, the porter was always a pleasure to be around
-felt safe and secure throughout

We thoroughly recommend Binod and we are likely to go back and work with him again in the future. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss further (isabellakaleta2004@yahoo.co.uk and acantkaleta@hotmail.co.uk

Bella and Andrew

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
December 2013 Rob and Angela Wilton
rob@winedarksea.org.au +61 409 717 936 , +612 6247 3841 h. Australia

This is a short account of an exceptional trek to Annapurna Base Camp with Binod Mahat, of Hike Nepal. Wonderful because of reaching the sublime Annapurna Sanctuary after a hard slog up the Modi Khola, but exceptional because of the way our guide took great care of us and managed the expedition efficiently.

Our route took us, day by day, through Pokhara, Dhampus, Landruk, Chomrong, Dhoban, Deurali, Machapuchchhre Base Camp. Then a bit of an early morning slog through the snow to Annapurna Base Camp for a few sublime hours, from whence we descended to Himalaya for the night. On the homeward leg our nightly stops were then Chomrong again, Chuile, Ghorepani and Banthanti. The final trekking day was down the notorious 2,000 steps to Nayapul, for our pickup and drive back to Pokhara.

Our party consisted of Greg, Chris and Zöe in their early twenties, Ben and Joanne around fifty, and Angie and myself (Rob), mid-sixties. We all love hiking and the mountains, and are all quite fit. Angie and I had trekked to Gorak Shep - Everest Base Camp - in 2005 so we had a pretty good idea of what we were in for. Nonetheless I would rank this as the toughest walk we'd ever done, because of the numerous ascents and descents on the approaches to Annapurna.

There were so many scenic highlights, especially the bowl of the Annapurna Sanctuary and the walk along Deurali ridge with views of the massif and Dhaulagiri. There were also many opportunities to engage with the countryside and its people, and learn about Nepal’s history and culture, but this review is mainly about how Binod managed our trip. In the planning phase, the itinerary was worked out between us with Binod's advice and suggestions. At no time did we follow a rigid plan, as can happen with some big name organisations, with pretty disastrous results. Instead, when one of the party got sick with a bad cold, Binod re-scheduled so that we had a rest day at Chomrong, and an easy day after that. At any time, we could have cut out part of the itinerary and headed straight for a road; fortunately this wasn't necessary. Also, we staged our ascent to ABC with enough rest periods so no one suffered from altitude sickness, unlike many we met who had gone high too quickly.

Another key to happy trekking is good and safe food and water! The food was always abundant and delicious. Obviously there's a huge range between the best, like the Lakeview Resort in Pokhara, and the more primitive lodges you encounter. Binod and the crew supervised the kitchens and amazingly provided fresh fruit with every lunch and dinner, and often at tea stops as well. The one exception was at Himalaya where the food was pretty ordinary(except the fresh fruit provided), but it was at least safe. You have to take responsibility for your own safe water; we used two Steripens for the group. All this kept us healthy and walking.

This was a tea house trek, and the higher you go the more primitive the accommodation. Binod knew of and chose lodges which were the best available. We mostly had attached private bathrooms and could mostly get a hot shower, except in the Sanctuary itself. Actually the accommodation at the base camps was very substantial. We were on a late winter trek, I suspect the shower situation would be better in the warmer months. By and large we had fantastic weather with mostly clear, fine days, and barring January I think winter is the best time. Fewer fellow trekkers!

After our trek we drove in a minibus to Sapana Village Lodge near the Chitwan National Park, a really excellent place to stay. Binod's drivers were first class, which is really important as Nepal's roads and traffic are truly appalling. Next Binod provided a 4wd to take us to Gorkha where we visited the royal palace of King Prithvi Narayan Shah. A few hours at the wretched Gorkha Bisauni Hotel were enough and we cut our visit short by a day. At short notice Binod came to our rescue and despatched a Jeep from Kathmandu to pick us up.

Meanwhile the younger group had gone on ahead by car to catch an earlier flight home and were caught in a four and a half hour Kathmandu traffic gridlock and were in danger of missing their plane. Again Binod came to the rescue and organised for them to meet a second car and driver beyond the jam, and personally escorted them to the airport in time. All our airport transfers were excellent and it was great fun to be met on first arrival at the airport with garlands of marigold. We flew Buddha Air to Pokhara, they seem to be the safest. By the way, all costs and logistics were organised by Hike Nepal, except for a few meals. We didn't pay anything extra for the rescues, Binod is ready for these contingencies.

Our four porters were well looked after and very happy to be working with us. We noticed on the trek that porters from the big companies were typically carrying at least twice the loads of ours. Ours were mainly from the local area and well known to Binod. I can also say that they were completely trustworthy and reliable and looked after us well. We also had a guide porter. Throughout the trek either our guide or the guide-porter, Saroz, were at the rear of the group to ensure everyone’s safety, and they were also available to carry our day-packs for us on the few occasions where this was needed. (This is normal and expected on a trek.) Binod and Saroz were in touch by walkie-talkie throughout the trek, as well as by mobile phone. I was surprised by the dramatic improvement in telecommunications since 2005, Nepal Telecom seemed to work the whole way, but N-Cell does not go all the way up the Modi Khola valley. Binod used his ipad to tweak our itinerary and bookings throughout the trip. Most of the lodges had free wifi, though the quality varied.

Our trip was highly successful and enjoyable, mainly due to the incredible organisation of Hike Nepal. But of course we also did a lot of planning and organisation ourselves, especially in the area of gear and medical supplies. (Binod also carried an emergency medical kit.) So thank you Binod, and perhaps most especially for all those conversations along the way about life, the universe and everything.

Rob Wilton

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
October 2013 Ruth and Ken Johnson
ruthijohn@localaccess.com, kgjrij@gmail.com   USA

We have just returned from a fantastic hike to ABC Camp on the Annapura Sanctuary Trek with Binod as our guide, companion, and friend. Look no further for your Guide as all the stars and mountains point to Binod!

We contacted Binod due to a reference from a friend who gave him a glowing review after a trek with him.Being a detail person, we e-mailed back and forth and developed the itinerary. Binod answered all the e-mails promptly with helpful information, was flexible in the planning, and alleviated any concerns with the elevation gain, miles of hiking, and teahouse accommodations.

Binod is a joy to hike with. He has a good command of English, is intelligent, and a great conversationalist. He freely shares information regarding Nepal’s history, religions, culture, and education system. There were many interesting and provocative discussions that made the hiking very stimulating (besides the wonderful scenery).

Binod personally knows the owner of the teahouses where we stayed and often served us the food, if the owners were busy cooking. An added touch of delight was the apples, bananas, and pomegranates, which he served after each lunch and dinner. Other groups were viewing us with envy. We felt as if we were being “pampered” which was certainly great fun.

The porters Binod chose were exceptional – positive, delightful, interesting, encouraging, and funny. Thanks Chendra, Jitendra, Munoz, & Dhan.

Our trip was affected by the tail end of a cyclone (hurricane) in India. The airport in Pokhara was closed due to bad weather. Binod got us to Pokhara via land transportation at the last minute to prevent us being stranded in Katmandu.We appreciated his extra effort in this regard.

Ruth and Ken Johnson

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
October/November 2011 Kim Letson
mamabears@shaw.ca, kimletson@hotmail.com   Canada

I first met Tendi in Kathmandu just before my son and I did the Everest Base Camp trek in October/November 2011. Tendi was Binod's recommendation for a guide in this region as it is his home territory. Having only just met Binod after months of E-Mail chatter as we planned our trek, my son and I both commented to each other what a fantastic introduction both Binod and Tendi were to the people of this remarkable country.

We got to know Tendi well on our 26 day trek. I found the going difficult especially at the beginning and at almost 60 years old am a pretty slow trekker. My very fit son is abnormally quick. A challenge for any guide but Tendi had no difficulty dealing with the two of us. He always knew just when I needed a tea break, or a rest to admire the scenery. He was always able to tell me the answer I needed when I asked “How much further?” And he was always right on! I went on that journey thinking I knew thing or two about trekking and thinking I was in pretty good shape. I was in for a bit of a rude awakening but it was all positive and much of that was due to Tendi. He guided a special and unforgettable journey for my son and me. We treasure those days and are grateful to Tendi for all he did to make that happen for us.

Tendi impacted our lives quite significantly and as a result I've been back to Nepal and he guided me on the Lang Tang trek, and later a trek in the Annapurna region. Later this year he will guide me on the Annapurna Circuit and plans are underway for further trekking with him to the Mustang in 2014 as well.

I trust this man completely to provide expert guide services. Although still a young man in his late 30s, Tendi has over 20 years guiding experience. Many times I've noticed him assisting other guides, providing information to solo trekkers, and generally helping around the kitchen of the tea houses we stayed at. He seems to know just about everyone and is obviously very well respected by fellow guides and tea house operators.

When Tendi smiles, which is often, his eyes smile too. When Tendi smiles, so do I - even when I'm bone tired!

A few words about why I believe hiring an experienced, licensed, certified guide is important:
Nepal is a poor country, there is high unemployment. By hiring a guide you are supporting employment. Not all guides are created equal. It is important to ensure the company you use has qualified licensed guides. It is also important that the guide be insured. Companies such as HikeNepal.com look after their guide's well fare.

The impact to the individual guide you hire through a reputable company is enormous.

You are enabling that person to support a family that would otherwise go hungry. You are enabling that person to have his children in a decent school as good education in

Nepal isn't free. You are ensuring that guide is insured and properly outfitted. You are behaving as a responsible consumer. You are ensuring you get the best deals on your room rates and are staying in the best of the many tea houses. You are enabling yourself to learn more about the country and it's cultures. You are part of a solution, not part of a growing problem.

I highly recommend Binod HikeNepal.com as a responsible and ethical tour operator and guide. I also have huge respect and confidence in Tendi as an outstanding guide.

Kim Letson

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
April, 2012 Ria
  Doha, Qatar

We have just returned from Nepal this weekend and I wanted to do a write-up for Binod's website - just haven't found the time yet!

Binod's assistance, from meeting us at the airport in Kathmandu to taking us up to Pokhara, on the trek and back down to KTM, has been absolutely invaluable. Starting from Katmandu where, if you don't have an appointed minder you have hordes of people pestering you. You don't quite know where you will land - KTM is very dodgy and not easily enjoyed if you end up in the wrong hotel or don't have reliable transport organized.

The sheer pleasure of being able to follow someone around without having to organize things oneself is not to be underestimated and takes the stress out of finding the correct trekking route, getting to your accommodation, finding that ATM that works. We arrived in Pokhara and one person in our group had luggage that was not suitable for porters to carry. Binod supplied two rucksacks for this person top borrow, no charge. Ditto walking sticks. In one village the teahouse could not give us the rooms we had booked because visitors already there had extended their stay. Binod organized a very viable alternative in no time at all. We also changed our itinerary on the day of departure to have one extra day in Pokhara - all flights, hotel accommodation etc were amended without us having to make a single phone call. Binod did it all and with a smile. He has great powers of observation, asks the right questions and can judge what it is that will make his clients happy. Some folks are OK with basic accommodation & food, others need 5 star everything - Binod listens and ensures you get what it is that you're asking for. From previous travels I have found that guide books cannot replace the human touch of someone local who can make it all happen.

Binod and the two porters we had, Chandra and Jitendra (who have been working with Binod for 11 years) were the most kind hearted, gentle, polite and pleasant company throughout the trip. Binod's knowledge of Nepal, trekking, nature, the people, is unsurpassed. He has a wealth of information to share, his English is superb and he is really just one of life's good guys. He delivered exactly what we wanted and nothing was ever too much for him. We asked for additional maps - they appeared as if by magic. If we wanted to get going early in the mornings he would chivvy on the teahouse owner to get our breakfast. It was also sooooo nice not to have to carry your own luggage!

In short, Binod, Chandra and Jitendra's presence added 100% to our enjoyment of the trip. I would really recommend Hike Nepal's service. Worth every penny, and more!

Doha, Qatar

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
January/February 2011 Jan and Irma de Doelder
00 31 180 527533 The Netherlands

If you are thinking of traveling to Nepal, then you need look no further than Hike Nepal's Binod Mahat to take care of your trip.

The ultimate fulfillment of a boys dream! All reasons to recommend the support of Binod Mahat to everyone who thinks of making a trek or hike through Nepal. Just 5 days back now from 14 intens days through this magnificent country I can confirm every word written through other and earlier clients of Hike Nepal. After joining 14 days with Binod and his jovial porter Chandra I did experienced it as saying goodbye to someone with whom I had sort of commercial relation, but I really experienced these both men as good and genial friends. Next to the warm personality Binod was and is an absolute professional and experienced guide. Reasons to choose for Hike Nepal?

- Ability in improvisation - The first two days during our Nagarkot Hike made clear that the challenges chosen by my wife and I were too heavy. Immediately Binod proved himself with his mobile telephone and laptop to arrange an alternative trip for the second trek during our trip. The Jomsom - Kagbeni - Tatopani hike showed us the most magnificent nature I ever perceived. Descending instead of climbing was an excellent alternative for two senior hikers of 50+ who both smoke more then is good for them. But .. we made it ! Descending in four days from a desert landscape to a valley where we were received in our lodge with fresh oranges from own garden is a experience which impressed me deep.

- Excellent service from morning till night - Just a small gesture, but, the hot milktea early in the morning on the crowded bus station, Binod's constant checks of our hotelrooms, taking care of the best seat in the Pokhara - Jomsom flight made him to the ultimate guide for us.

- Knowledge of his country: Whether it concerned religion, social aspects, political aspects, economical details, Binod was quite often able to tell us some more then the 5 booklets (sorry Chandra) we took with us.

- Visible/invisible: Many reasons why we should never choose for a group travel. We want to experience our numerous trips we make by ourselves. Just 14 days before we left to Nepal we decided to choose for a guide and trekking agent. Arranging everything during our trip would have cost us too much of our valuable holiday time. Binod and Chandra were always there when we needed them. However, we both experienced that we had always as much private time for each other as we required during our treks. My compliments Binod! What an excellent sensitivity in this.

- Social behavior: The porter(s) of Mr. Mahat will always wear professional cloth and walking boots, and are paid properly. Not a single penny to margins eating travel agencies in Europe or rich Nepali investors. Good to know that in this country where people earn about 70 to 150 euro's per month the wage of the guide and porter will reach them and their families.

- Reaction time and professionalism: WE made our choice for Hike Nepal based on his professional site. It was a true benefit in our intense communication in the 2 weeks befoire our trip that every request for information was answered within 24 hours. Working myself for a global multinational I wished that every colleague would show this western like professionalism of Binod!

Unfortunately Binods professionalism makes that his planning, parts of his site, even fake enquiries via email are stolen and copied. For me just a confirmation that Hike Nepal raises above other trekking agencies!

Some inconvenience like ice-cold chambers in lodges, just a few hours electricity per day, Kathmandu in a constant smog are details which even Binod cannot change. I preferred living amongst local Nepalese so much more then meeting the wealth and luxury of a Yak and Yeti looking Hotel.

If anyone ever might require information please do not hesitate to mail me for enquiries.

Enjoy your Nepal trip dear traveler!

Enjoy your Nepal trip dear traveler!
Jan and Irma de Doelder

Date Name Email Address Tel Country

May 2010

Romano and Massimo


+ 61412100989

+ 61418353656


"Hi binod, From the moment I got your contact information which was middle of 2009 you kept in close contact with me in relation to doing a trek in the Himalayas.

I had many questions and you always came back promptly with the answers. You made the planning very easy for my brother and myself and your comprehensive emails gave us more information which we were able to research.

The trek itself was absolutely sensational, very tough stretches of the trek really challenged us mentally and it was made that much more pleasurable with your easy approach to all matters and your compassionate and understanding manner, making life easier for us on the mountain.

Everything ran so smoothly and we would like to thank you for sharing your experiences and your knowledge of the Himalayas with us.

The Sherpas are definately a breed of their own and their mental strength is an inspiration to us all!

Kind regards,
Romano and Massimo Cellante

Date Name Email Address Tel Country

Dec 2010

Daniela Caduff , Ivan Caduff caduff_daniela@hotmail.com, icaduff@hotmail.com   Switzerland

Hi Binod, Due to the fact that we know people who went on a trek with Binod, it was clear from the beginning that we will do the same. All the feedbacks were positive and we wanted to take the opportunity to explore Nepal with a local guide.

As soon as you provide Binod your ideas and plans, he will immediately propose you some itineraries. We provided him our timeframe (21 days) and the idea to do the Annapurna Circuit and what we've got back is a very detailed itinerary. Binod is open for your plans and your ideas. You can expect that he will assist you to find the best choice for your stay in Nepal. His experience helped us not only to select the right season for the trek, it's also important in terms of equipment required. This was our first time in Nepal and in such altitude, therefore we were very thankful to feel his experience which gave us confidence in our planning and guided us to the final itinerary.

We landed in Kathmandu on November 13th and were welcomed by Binod like we knew each other since a long time. Everything is organized, prepared and as Binod's English is fantastic, we could immediately start asking questions and dive into the new country, culture and people. The trekking itself is perfectly organized. Binod's selection of the lodges is based on his huge experience and as he knows many of the lodge owners, he can arrange almost everything. Binod makes sure you get a cleaned and nice room before you make your first step in your accommodation, he can show you some tricks with the cards and makes sure your hungry stomach doesn't have to wait to long for food. Binod together with our porter Chandra were always a wonderful company walking through the wonderful landscapes of the Annapurna region. You can ask questions, discuss about culture and experience the way of life in Nepal.

Binod and Chandra started as our guide/porter, but we arrived as friends and we are very thankful for the unforgettable time we could spend with them. We can honestly recommend Binod as a guide!

Kind regards,
Daniela Caduff and Ivan Caduff, Switzerland

Date Name Email Address Tel Country

Dec 2010

Melanie and Hamish Stone mstone@balmain.com.au 61 2 9233 9546  


Hi Binod, Thank you so much for the fantastic trek last week. We had a great time and would recommend your services to anyone considering a trek in Nepal. It was so great to have a personal guide and the trip was so much more enjoyable it just being ourselves, the guide and porter. It meant that the trip was tailored to our exact requirements in terms of walking speed, level of accommodation and number of days etc and was completely flexible depending on how it was going. This is certainly the best way to trek in Nepal and it was the same price as a standard group tour, but so much better. Please pass on my email address for anyone wanting a reference mstone@balmain.com.au

Kind regards,
Melanie and Hamish Stone, Australia

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
November 2009 Katharina and Kolja katharina1310@web.de +02331 9339942 Germany

When we decided to go a second time for trekking to Nepal, there was no doubt in asking Binod to guide us. This time our target was the Khumbu Region and of course to trek again with Binod was the best choice we made. When we got some problems with the altitude he modified the plan so that at least our dream to reach Everest BC and Kala Patthar came true. Once more he was attentive, careful and always the best company you could imagine. There is no doubt: if you are looking for a really good, attentive and careful guide who arranges everything from arrival in Kathmandu until Departure, if you are looking for someone, who is flexible enough to change your schedule to your interests and if you are looking for the best company, do not look any further, in Binod you found YOUR guide.

Katharina and Kolja's First Testimonial is as given below (October 2007)

When we started to plan our trekking in Nepal, nearly one year before, we were not sure if we should trek with one of the big companies or if we should dare to trek on our own with the help of a guide. When we found Binod by a friendly advice of one of his former clients and wrote with him, the decision was felt very quickly. All our many mails and questions were always fast, authentic friendly and competent answered by Binod. So we even knew before we met him for the first time, that we choose the right one.

Binod managed our stay from the beginning until its end perfectly. He chose the best hotels, the best rooms and the best restaurants. During the trekking-days you spend nearly the whole day with your guide and your porter. So it is very necessary to travel with people your feel good with. And that is what we felt with Binod and Chandra, our porter. Binod told us a lot about the country, the people, their life and their religion and answered all of our questions. On the flight back home we met a couple that did Nepal on their own and they did not even learn that much as we did. Unforgettable the wonderful surprise Binod managed when Katharina had her birthday during the trek. An evening we will never forget.

We can strongly recommend you Binod as an authentic, friendly, clever and careful guide. If we will complete the Annapurna-round one day no other than Binod will be our guide.

All the time we were so glad that we dared not to travel in a group and that had such a great company with Binod and Chandra.

Thank you, Binod, for an unforgettable and great vacation!

Katharina and Kolja

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
March - April 2009 Fiona Whitehead
fiona@fwresearch.co.uk +01494 728601st England

If you are thinking of traveling to Nepal, then you need look no further than Hike Nepal's Binod Mahat to take care of your trip.

I was part of a group of 6 women from the UK in our 40's and 50's with a love of adventurous hiking trips. We a little worried about whether we would be fit enough to cope with the Himalayas, but were very keen to visit Nepal.

I found Binod via an internet search and was immediately impressed by how carefully he responded to emails quickly and with detailed information. He gave me contact details for his previous clients and I followed up on these, all spoke glowingly of Binod and now I wouldn't hesitate to do the same.

We exchanged emails over a period of 18 months or so before the trip, during which time Binod answered all our many questions and suggested a variety of itineraries to suit us. We eventually ended up with 9 day trek for 4 of us, with 2 opting to stop after 6 days, and Binod worked this out so that everyone was well looked after.

Binod's quotation was much more competitive than the bigger UK based companies, and I feel that we had far superior service. He secured excellent rooms for us everywhere we stayed, knew exactly how to pace the trek for us, and clearly has the friendship and respect of many of the other guides, porters, lodge owners that we met en route. I sent Binod a deposit by Moneygram about 10 months before the trip, and we paid the rest on arrival.

Binod, ably supported by his team of smiling (and strong!) porters, is extremely attentive and will do everything possible to make your trip a success - so that you can concentrate on enjoying the extraordinary sights, sounds and wonders of Nepal, rather than worrying about the logistics. He is also a very interesting character and you should play cards with him at your peril!!

Fiona Whitehead
FWResearch, 8 Grimsdells Lane, Amersham, Bucks, HP6 6HE,

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Oct - Nov 2008 Dr.Maureen and Mike maureen.murphy@novartis.com
+4161 601 2042 Switzerland

If you are thinking of traveling to Nepal, then you need look no further than Hike Nepal's Binod Mahat to take care of your trip.

Binod is the perfect Himalayan guide. Always there when you need him and merging into the nature when you want to just 'be'. Binod loves nature and cannot help inspiring. He is also a man of the people who relates easily. We were very impressed by his tenacity and generosity in finding us the best room (with bathroom if possible) available at the friendliest places. We ate our fill, were genuinely cared for, and enjoyed many great discussions on 'God and the world'. We highly recommend Binod to nature-loving, free spirited trekkers who would like the convenience, independence and peace of mind of having a guide and who would like to get to know a great Nepali guy.

Dr. Mo and Mike
Ireland and Australia
(Currently working in Switzerland -Im Esterli 9 4125 Riehen )

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Oct - Nov 2008 Gerard and Anna trekinfo@spied.co.nz
+64921743274 NewZealand

If you are thinking of traveling to Nepal, then you need look no further than Hike Nepal's Binod Mahat to take care of your trip.

In all of our travels Binod is the most trust-worthy individual that we have met, his English is exemplary, and his attention to detail is incredible. In November 2008, my wife and I completed the Annapurna circuit trek. The amazing scenery and friendly locals along the trek was complemented perfectly by Binod's excellent customer service.

Starting at about 800m above sea level, the first few days of our 12 were amazing - hot and long, but beautiful beyond words. Every corner seemed to hide a new waterfall tumbling towards the wild Marsyangdi river. The scenery is lush and rich and full of rhododendron forest and alpine flowers. Every day we would pass through three or four villages, each serving their own take on the national dish, Dhal Baht,and each filled with smiling locals warmly calling "Namaste" as you walk past.

The landscape is dotted with rice paddies, millet and buck wheat fields and grazing buffalo. Everywhere we looked, (and walked, for that matter), hills rose up to greet us and in the distance the Anapurna Himal range provides a stunning backdrop against the brilliant blue and cloudless sky.

The trail is busy, not only with fellow trekkers, but also with local porters lugging unwieldy loads with their heads, mules carrying what the porters can't, school children rushing to the district school, and an entire village following an old man as he carried his sick wife in a basket on his back to the nearest hospital.

From the Throng La pass amazing views greeted us in every direction. As we looked to the North we could see the hills of the Tibetan Himalayas and to the South an uninterrupted vista of the Annapurna Himal we had spent the last 10 days walking past. To the West Throng peak soared above us.

Our 19 days in Nepal were incredible. The Annapurna circuit trek was truly amazing and a life changing experience. We were rewarded with the most amazing scenery I have ever seen, witnessing the local people's daily struggle using only the most basic of resources in some of nature's harshest environments, and all the time enjoying the many subtle variations on the ubiquitous Dhal Baht.

At all times during the trek Binod was caring and attentive, interested and informative and organized every single detail for us. Binod provided us with an excellent porter, Sunil, who was polite, friendly and honest at all times. He always made an effort to join in on our nightly card games or discussions around the dinner table. There is nothing we would change if we could, and we certainly look forward to using Binod's services again when we make our second, third, fourth and fifth trips to Nepal!

Gerard O'Brien and Anna
New Zealand

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Sep - Oct 2008 Raphael and Wicky Sekinger raphael_sekinger@bluewin.ch
+41 79 470 37 48 Switzerland

When we started to organize our trip to Nepal we had to answer one question first. Do we want to go on our own, or do we want to hire a guide? On our previous trips to South America we never used the help of a guide. So we had to get familiar with this idea first.

The timeframe of our journey was very limited and we wanted to make the most of the time in Nepal plus we did not want to travel in a big tour group. These have been finally the crucial points why we decided to hire a guide. From the first moment when we arrived at the airport everything was planned and organized. We did not have to bother finding an accommodation, finding a guide, organizing bus and flight tickets or how to get to the starting point of the trek. Everything was organized very well in advance but still with room for spontaneous changes of the schedule. We could enjoy our journey from the first second we did arrive in Nepal.

To choose Binod as our guide was dead right! Already the appearance of his homepage, his precise offer and answers made a very good impression. Of course to hire somebody which you do not know for a trek which lasts several days bears always a certain risk. The various recommendations and testimonials made us finally confident. But during the trek our expectations have been beaten! Binod found the right balance between acting as a guide and leave the necessary room for privacy of his clients. He was always very keen to get feedback about any part of his services in order to understand the needs and demands of his clients and to improve his services. We believe this attitude makes the different to other guides.

We honestly highly recommend Binod as a guide.
Thank you very much indeed Binod, for your company and an unforgettable vacation.

Raphael and Wicky

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
April 2008 Russ and Rose fulkere@yahoo.com - - - USA

Dear Fellow Trekkers To Nepal: We highly recommend Binod Mahat of http://www.hikenepal.com as a guide for your next holiday in Nepal. It doesn't matter what level or experience you have in trekking, Binod can accommodate you and your family to whatever level you need or want. Binod will make all the arrangements for you including hotel accommodations, trekking permits, equipment, transportation, and more. He is an expert guide and speaks English very well. He and his porters are with you every step of the way, making sure you are comfortable at your own pace. They can easily keep up with the fastest trekkers and are always there to help out the slowest.

If you don't have all the equipment you need, you can get it in Katmandu or Pokhara. In fact, Binod has a cousin in Pokhara who has a shop with outdoor gear you may need for the trek, but he never pushed us to buy from him. His cousin and family are very nice and easy to deal with.

Binod made sure that we were taken care of from the moment we arrived in Nepal to the moment we left. We highly recommend Binod and would definitely use him again should we go back to Nepal.

Russ and Rose Fulkerson
Colarado (US)

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
November 2007 Mike and Nadia kauaimurph@yahoo.com +36-30-626-7588 USA

Here is the short version of our experiences trekking with Hike Nepal . Amazing! You do not need to look any further for guide services than with Binod Mahat who runs Hike Nepal . I can’t imagine anyone offering better services than Binod and his long-time porter, Chandra (the happiest Nepalese you will ever meet). Our 11-day Jomsom trek was one of the most memorable experiences of mine and my wife’s lives. We are already planning on coming back to trek to Everest Base Camp with Binod.

First, what makes Binod so great is his exemplary customer service and attention to detail. Second, he is very flexible and will help you design a trek to meet your specific needs. This includes changes to your itinerary during the trek. Third, his long-term porter and friend, Chandra is very knowledgeable as well and is like having a second guide on the trip. Fourth, Binod works independently that means all the money goes to him and Chandra, not some faceless owner who is getting rich off the hard work of the guides/porters. Lastly, Binod is just a great guy who cares passionately for his fellow countrymen and wants to improve the lives of his family, village and fellow citizens.

We highly recommend the Jomsom trek (part of the Annapurna Circuit) for those who have never done much trekking or do not have a lot of time for their vacation. The scenery is spectacular and the tea houses along the trek are among the best in Nepal . You will also experience more diverse scenery in a short amount of time than any other trek in Nepal . There are many variations to the Jomson trek that can match how many days you want to trek and your fitness level. It is a one-way trek where you fly in or out. The government is building a road along the route so go now before this classic Himalaya trek is gone forever!

Michael Murphy and Nadia Rehman
USA and (Washington D.C) and Pakistan.

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Oct 2005 | Oct 2007 David Kirkwood david.kirkwood@letsco-operate.com
0161 903 2575 UK

This was the second time I have been fortunate enough to see the sights of Nepal with Binod, the first time being in 2005, to EBC, this time myself and two friends trekked the Annapurna circuit and it was even more spectacular than the Khumbu. I can wholeheartedly recommend Binod to anyone looking to travel with an expert guide who knows all the best places to stay, and always has your safety and wellbeing as his paramount concern. To travel with Binod is a great pleasure and his itineraries are never set in stone, and always build in essential acclimatisation time to allow you to get the most out of the experience. Don't think twice about it'

Below David has written a testimonial of his first visit to Nepal -

"From the moment we arrived in Nepal, our guide Binod made us as welcome as I've felt in any of the many countries I have visited, nothing was too much trouble, and everything was perfectly organized.

He was at the airport waiting for us to transfer to our Kathmandu home, bestowing gifts of flower garlands on us ( A Nepalese custom), we started our trek the next morning, and whilst in retrospect I think we could have made the trip without a guide, Binod smoothed our way through the chaos that is the domestic terminal at KTM airport. From the moment we landed at Lukla all our needs were taken care of but in such a way as you still felt that the experience was your own and not that of a pampered tour group. The two porters that carried our large rucksacks were lovely guys and always smiling (as is the way in Nepal). The trek was a most fulfilling experience and during the trip I like to think we became good friends. The Independent part of the trek did shine through for the whole time we were in Nepal, In the morning I would say to Binod where are we staying tonight and I would just head off, with Binod keeping a check on the slower of the three of us. I'd recommend to anyone the services Binod gives and I'll be coming back for more.....see you in 2007 Binod............Namaste' "

England (Manchester)

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Sep 2007 Chris Olson bugzyo@hotmail.com 870-426-3730 USA

If you want a personal, comprehensive experience of Nepal, it's mountains, it's valleys, it's religions, it's people, it's animals, (domestic and wild), arranged around your personal needs and desires, Binod Mahat is the guide you need. I found him on the internet, in an attempt to find alternatives to the big group, expensive, tour-type treks with pre-planned itineraries. I was going alone, and didn't know the first thing about how to plan something like this. My first surprise after emailing an idea of what I was looking for, was a phone call from Binod. It only got better after that. He sent me an itinerary almost immediately, along with a price that astonished me. We communicated for several months and I changed my plans several times, and Binod showed himself to be totally flexible and very willing to take the time and trouble to give me everything I wanted. After arriving in Nepal, I found Binod to be a joy to be around. He took care of every aspect of the trip, including finding other guides to show me (and sometimes him, as well) the sights that he wasn't as familiar with. I never once felt alone on the trip, and never once worried that I wasn't being taken care of. I did the trek to the Annapurna Base Camp, came back through Gandruk, went down to Lumbini, the birthplace of the Buddha, and to the Jungle Island Resort, where I rode elephants and got to see some of the native wildlife. In all this, I also met people in the cities, the villages and the mountains, and felt like my experience was much more intimate because of Binod's understanding of his people and country. I don't want to forget my guide, Shri, who took me around Kathmandu, and gave me an intimate experience of the city, it's religions and people; and our porter, Bimal, an adorable young man who never stopped smiling, in spite of having to carry a 70 pound backpack up the mountain.

I give Binod the highest recommendation there is. Also, I want to say that I never felt in the least bit unsafe in Nepal because I trusted him to keep me safe. I would be happy to share my experiences with Binod with anyone who has questions.

My email address is: bugzyo@hotmail.com.

Chris Olson
USA (4434 Lick Branch Road Harrison, AR 72601)

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
April 2007 Jozsef and Piroska Bacso spilkone@egi.hu +36-30-626-7588 Hungary

In 2007 April - May we spent 3 weeks in Nepal. We made Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek, visited Pokhara city and Chitwan National Park with our excellent personal guide, Binod Mahat.

Immediately after having got in touch with him by e-mail, he handled us as his most important clients, planned us our itinerary and organized our stays and travels. He found out a perfect program to show all the lions of Nepal.

With him, we had the great advenage of an independent guide and we got excellet personal service. Binod is a friendly individual, thoughtful, discreet, reponsible and patient. He made us feel safe at all times. Morning he woke us up with a hot tea and at the end of the daily trek he went ahead and found us the best lodge to stay. Evening he entertained us by playing Nepalese card games or simply by chatting. He knows several lodge owners and staffs well; he can arrange accommodation and food in any settlement easily. He arranged everything so smoothly that we did not even notice what great efforts he had made for us. We had nothing to do just enjoy our stay and relax. In spite of his fragile look, Binod is very strong and fit. He moves on thehill fast and with ease, he was always a bit ahead of us, pulling us mentally up to the hill. He is very responsible and amazingly tough. When our porter got AMS, he took him down 800 m in the evening, and next morning came back to us, carried our heavy luggage himself and made the original program with us, ascending more than 1200 m that day ! We had Binod's favorite, always smiling porter, Chandra. Binod and Chandra are perfecct, harmonic team; they had worked together for many years. We can recommend them to everybody looking for the best guidance in Nepal ! Thank you Binod and Chandra.

Jozsef Spilko and Piroska Spilkone Bacso
Hungary - Attila Street 13/a Budakalsz 20011

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
April 2007 Rand and Sharon Quo Vadis rqv@telus.net , sqvadis@telus.net - - - Canada

We trekked with Binod on the Pokhara / Jomsom/ Kagbeni route in April 2007. Binod was a wonderful guide and our trek went very smoothly from the time he met us at the airpoort, until our final goodbyes. Binod and our porter Chandra (always happy and smiling) treated us like Kings and Queens. Binod taught us a card game, ironically called Kings and Queens, which we now play with our grandchildren. Binod also shared some magic card tricks with us, and also like magic, we always had the best or deluxe room in the teahouses which we stayed. Binod selected wonderful teahouses.

After a day of trekking Binod would deliver us tea, fresh fruit and sometimes popcorn, as we rested from a day of wonderful sights.

Binod, our guide, and Chandra, our porter, are extremely professional and took excellent good care of us. Not too long into our trek we discovered that we were more than just clients. we have no hesitation in recommending Binod. We wil definetely use Binod as our guide on our next trek.

Rand and Sharon Quo Vadis
Vancouver, BC

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
November 2005 | Aug 2007 Ruzi and Jafri syeefa.jay@gmail.com - - - Malaysia

More than a Guide !
How did we find Binod/ HikeNepal? Frankly speaking I couldn't even remember. I might have stumbled upon the site when using my fav search engine Google. But what strike me the most was the detail-explicit-friendly reply I got from Binod on my inquiry about trekking in Nepal. There was something in the way he expressed himself that makes me feel comfortable to engage him for our trip to Nepal. Little did we realize, the 9-day trip has changed our relationship from you-are-our-guide to hey-there-friend.

How'd we describe Binod ?

- Our liaison between us and the Thai Airway personnel, when we were frantic (guess that's a too strong a word to use) about our lost luggage.
- Our 'butler', ordering hot drinks, even dinner for us while we freshen ourselves after the 5-hour trek. (in fact we felt kinda embarrassed cos we don't see other trekkers getting as much attention like we had)

- Our part-time MO attending to my blistered toes, and complaints on blocked ears, stuffy nose & sor e muscles.

- Our almost-entertainer with his card tricks (but, we missed his melodious flute playing, as experienced by the others)
He even bought us some souvenirs (which definitely not part of the package deal! Oops, I hope your potential clients wont be expecting any souvenirs from you, Binod.)

Looking back, we'd say Binod was more than a guide to us. He is our friend. And as friends, we are happy to recommend others to experience the wonderful treks in Nepal with a wonderful guide like Binod. (in fact we already had done so to our friends in Malaysia!)

ps: I didn't read the testimonials from his guests-of-the-month column prior to engaging him. I only did that when i returned home. And I'd say, "hey, he was not doing all these nice things just for us!" But that is definitely good news for those considering engaging Binod! So, are you still deciding? ps2: btw, he is not paying us to say all these!

Jafri and Ruzi,

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
November 2006 Peter Jackson whpeterjackson@aol.com 44 208 942 0721 England

During a 6 month sabbattical from work in 2006, I took the opportunity to spend a month in Asia, culminating in a trip to Everest Base Camp, which I had long since wanted to do. Booking at relatively short notice, I scanned the internet and came across Binod's website which immediately struck me as a little more personal than most of the big trekking companies. After checking a couple of references I made the plunge and booked up with Binod, who could not have been more responsive and helpful. The trek itself was a great experience and Binod was at all times a thoughtful, considerate and patient guide. One great advantage of booking an independent guide rather than a large group tour was the extra flexibility this provides. Our final trip was quite different to the original plan and we were able to adapt and modify our plans as the days went by, something which is much harder to do as part of a larger party. Binod is dedicated to making his company a success and making his clients' dreams come true. I heartily recommend him.

Peter Jackson,
England -Woodstock House

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Oct. 2006 Mudit Sibal mudit_s@hotmail.com 91-98990-79980 India

"The Annapurna circuit trip lives up to its fame and reputation. Every new day of the trek brings a completely new view and a change in scenic beauty. I consider myself lucky to have found Binod's website while making my plans for the trip. One word that best describes the services provided by Binod and his team is 'Personal'. Apart from taking personal care about drafting out my itinerary, Binod was there to give personal attention to the constant changes I was making while on the trip. Although I was alone on my trek, I never felt lonely thanks to Binod's partner and my guide Sudarshan, whose hospitality and service leaves me humbled and my ever smiling porter Chandra. Binod - I had a wonderful and memorable trek and I will be getting in touch with you again for the Everest base camp trek next year. Thank you and Namaste".

Mudit Sibal,
India (New Delhi)

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
October 2006 Jeff and Peggy Wright jeffandpeggy@hotmail.com - - - Thailand

In October of 2006, my wife and I engaged Mr Binod Mahat of HikeNepal.com to arrange a short trek for us in the Everest region. Binod suggested we follow his Everest Panorama itinerary, with a couple of variations, as we only had 10 nights in Nepal.

For a very reasonable price, Binod arranged an 8 day/7 night trek, flying in and out of Lukla with night stops at Phakding, Namche Bazaar (2), Tengboche, Khumjing, Jorsalle, and Lukla. The package included flights, all meals and accommodation, a dedicated guide, and a porter. It also included two nights in Kathmandu, airport transfers, and a Kathmandu tour.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trek. The selection of route and accommodation was perfect for us. We saw all we hoped we would see in Nepal.

Our guide, Mr Suneel Shah, was extremely helpful. He constantly ensured all our needs were met and was always friendly and cheerful. He went a long way beyond the call of duty when I left my passport at a previous nights stop, going back to retrieve the passport at considerable discomfort given he had already walked 7 hours with us that day.

I would suggest that anyone who finds themselves with Suneel as their guide should be very pleased indeed.

In Kathmandu, Binod looked after us very well was very conscious of ensuring we were comfortable and satisfied.

I would not hesitate to recommend Binod, Suneel, and HikeNepal.com to anyone considering a trek in Nepal, particularly if you are looking for something more tailored and personal yet at an excellent price.

Please feel free to contact me by email at jeffandpeggy@hotmail.com if you have further questions.

Jeff and Peggy Wright,

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
October 2006 Frajka Mária and Páll István frajka@freemail.hu, pkvam@axelero.hu 06-30-252-9508 Hungary

During the very critical period (7-22 April, 2006 ) my wife and I had the greatest experience of our life with the best guide Binod Mahat and Chandra Tamang - the ever smiling porter making the ABC trek. Binod was more than a guide, with his high level knowledge about his kingdom with his great ability to solve in every difficult and unexpected situation all the problems ( changing according to our requests the planned itinerary, meeting in Landruk Maoists managing to stay during the trek in the best lodges...) He is a very clever and amusing person with deep human feeling. We were very "lucky" to meet her wife and also invited us in his flat in Kathmandu. We had also the great pleasure to have Chandra our taxi driver in Kathmandu (when was no strike or curfew) we hope will come back soon, be ready dear Binod and Chandra!

For everyone who is planning to visit Nepal we recommend him and Chandra deep from our heart!

Please contact us for any information !

Namaste from Hungary (Budapest)
Frajka Maria and Pall Istvan

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
March 2006 Mrs. Gerlinde Rajan gerlinderajan@comcast.net (772)344-6040 USA

When my trip was in the planning stage I had to look for a Guide/Porter and looked thru the Internet for a tour agency. As soon as I saw Binod' s website I felt I found my team. There was something very appealing in the way he writes about Nepal and himself and I 'm so glad I decided to go with him. Since he also writes and speaks very good English, it made it very easy to communicate and plan the trip. I did the Jomsom/ Muktinath trek. I can only very highly recommend both, Binod and Chandra (together they make a great team) and should I ever be so lucky again to visit Nepal, it will be with them.

Gerlinde Rajan,

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
July 2005 Simonetta & Francesco simona28uk@hotmail.com , francesco_vannini@hotmail.com - - - Italy,

We definitely feel we could not find a better guide! With many years of experience, despite his young age, Binod shows the confidence that we needed in such environment. We did the Jomsom trek for 2 weeks in July 2005 and we really enjoyed it. We always knew in advance what was awaiting ahead of us and this was very helpful psychologically! At the end of every day, there was always the best room of the tea house waiting for us, the best food and the best company. When we could keep our eyes open and we had enough energy left, we could enjoy an evening playing cards or simply chatting to what became a good friend we learnt a lot from. Chandra the porter, or what we re-named Super-Chandra has always been a quite silent but always smiling companion throughout the trek. Binod and Chandra are simply the perfect team and we feel very lucky to have done the Jomsom trek with them! Should we do another trek in Nepal in the future, it will be with them! Thanks to both of you Binod and Chandra!

Simonetta and Francesco,
Working in England.

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Nov 2005 Robb and Kim Lucy rlucy@engageinc.ca - - - Canada

"You couldn't find better than Binod. With some trepidation we booked him for a three week trip in Nepal... though we shouldn't have been nervous after reading the excellent testimonials on this web page. And he lived up to the great reputation... in spades! All details were handled superbly... he was a delight to be with... and Chandra our porter put a smile on our faces with his smile. Binod is very respectful of your needs and very conscientious. We are going to help him build his business because he deserves it. And we will head back in a couple of years to do the rest of the Annapurna with him. So our message? Book him. Don't give it a second thought. You will be delighted ."

Robb and Kim Lucy
Canada - (Vancouver)

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
October 2005 Jon Paul jon.paul@visualisationone.com - - - New Zealand

I trekked to Everest Base Camp with Binod in October 2005. I found him to be an excellent guide and also very good company during the 2 weeks we were in the mountains. Binod is a very patient and friendly individual and always keen to teach you about his country and its people. His spoken and written English is almost perfect so any concerns you may have can be easily discussed with him either along the track or even just finalizing trip details via email.

The trekking itself was an amazing experience; the scenery just gets better the higher you go. Apart from a few headaches over 4500 meters we had absolutely no problems along the way.

I also have to mention the invaluable assistance of our two porters Chandra and Raz. Without them it would have been a very different trek. Not sure we would have made it in 12 days having to carry our own backpacks.

Chandra has worked with Binod for a number of years and is immensely friendly and helpful, and I never saw him without a huge smile on his face the whole trip. I will definitely trek with Binod again sometime in the future. If you have any questions about the Everest trek just drop me an email.

CJon Paul
"New Zealand"
Currently working in Manchester "England".

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
May 2005 Rob and Alison Passmore sales@centralembroidery.co.uk , rob@central-embroidery.co.uk - - - England

Look no further… you have found a great guide for your trek! My wife and I trekked to Everest Base Camp with Binod in May 2005 to celebrate my 50th birthday. We had previously made an extensive search of trekking sites and without hesitation found Binod to be the most responsive and informative contact. The frequent emails between us prior to our trek not only helped us build a rapport with Binod before we got there but also enabled us to explain exactly what we wanted to do and when. Once there all we had to do was enjoy the experience as Binod had organized everything.

Binod speaks excellent English, is full of knowledge about Nepal and the peoples we met. The personal service given to us far exceeded our expectations. He’ll bring hot drinks to your room first thing in the morning, hot water to wash in, sort out accommodation on route, ensure you meals are prepared when you want them, will walk at your pace, will filter your water, will play Nepalese tunes on his flute and has some amusing card tricks. We wouldn’t hesitate to use him again! If you get the chance please use the porter Chandra who accompanied us on our trip. Chandra was exceptional, always and I mean always smiling despite the incredibly hard work he was doing. Binod and Chandra made a first class team.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Rob and Alison

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Nov 2000 Apr 2004 Gary
gary.longfellow@verizon.net, glongfel@yahoo.com 503-639-3736 Portland,
Oregon. U.S.A

" I trekked with Binod Mahat in November 2000 in the Everest region. I was totally surprised by the level of service that was beyond my expectations. Binod spoke excellent English, he provided continuous dialogue about the mountains and culture, he ordered my dinners, brought warm wash water in the morning, filtered my water and somehow managed to always get me the best rooms in the mountain tea houses. Binod also entertained us with his flute playing and card games. He was more than a guide. He was enjoyable travel companion. I can not imagine a better guide for your trek in Nepal. I also toured Nepal in April 2004 and had a similar wonderful experience with Binod."

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

If you are interested to read my travel journal please click here "EVEREST TREK"

Gary Longfellow
Portland, Oregon.

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Sep 2003 Anselm Schröter anselmschroeter@web.de 00496346929896 Germany

My wife and I did the Royal Trek with Binod. He is the best guide you can imagine. His knowledge of the country is huge and he will tell you about the history, people and religion is an understandable, warm way. He is always open for questions. I did a lot of trekking before, my wife not. With him she felt very well, because he can fee the different necessities and wishes. He is also a very good travel companion because of his humor, deep human feelings and his talent for music. That's way I did the Mustang trek with him, which was also a very good experience. The trek was organized in a perfect way and I loved it. I know what I am writing about, because I traveled for the last 30 years and I works as a part-time tour guide in Asia and Europe for years. My wife and I can highly recommend the hand of Binod in all your trekking plans.


Date Name Email Address Tel Country
March 2002 | Sep 2003 Gerhard Habenicht gerhardesther@yahoo.de - - - Germany

My wife and I did the Royal Trek with Binod. He is the best guide you can imagine. His knowledge of the country is huge and he will tell you about the history, people and religion is an understandable, warm way. He is always open for questions. I did a lot of trekking before, my wife not. With him she felt very well, because he can fee the different necessities and wishes. He is also a very good travel companion because of his humor, deep human feelings and his talent for music. That's way I did the Mustang trek with him, which was also a very good experience. The trek was organized in a perfect way and I loved it. I know what I am writing about, because I traveled for the last 30 years and I works as a part-time tour guide in Asia and Europe for years. My wife and I can highly recommend the hand of Binod in all your trekking plans.

Gerhard Habenicht

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
March 2000 | Oct 2002 Karla and Scott Fitzwater karla_fitzwater@hotmail.com ztifs@home.com 001 - 503 - 287 - 7089 Portland, Oregon.U.S.A.

Binod Mahat is quite simply the best guide! My husband Scott and I first traveled with him in 2000 around Annapurna Circuit and to Annapurna Base Camp. It was our first time in Nepal and we had no idea what to expect. Well, our experience was fantastic and it was the result of having Binod Mahat as our guide! His expertise's made us feel safe at all times and earning personality greatly enhanced each day of our adventure. He was able to tell us what to expect on the route, find us the best places to stay and fill in all the background information about our surroundings. Add to that his great sense of humor, musical talent and ability to adapt to whatever need arises and you have a superlative traveling companion as well as guide. Our whole experience was so wonderful that I had to return the following year to do a trek in Langtang, Gosainkunda & Helambu region. This time a girlfriend came with me and again Binod did an incredible job of guiding. Our next goal is to go to Mustang and of course the guide must be Binod Mahat!

This barely touches the depth of our experiences with Binod so please feel free to contact either of us at the above email addresses. We would be happy to answer any questions.

Karla & Scott Fitzwater,
Portland, Oregon,
U. S

Date Name Email Address Tel Country
Nov 2000 Larry Freeborg l.freeborg@comcast.net - - - Portland, Oregon.U.S.A.

Fellow Hikers I really enjoyed my experience trekking in Nepal for two weeks with Binod Mahat as my guide. He madethe trip much more enjoyable and I thank him for that. We trekked into Mt. Everest and got to Base Camp. I would use Binod again without reservation.